Emend Editing courses are specially developed for online delivery. They can be read online or printed. There are no prerequisites for Emend courses. You can enrol in as many courses as you wish, in the order that suits you.

Professional Editing, the first group of courses, is available now. Advanced Editing and Editing for Writers will be available later.

The courses are crammed with essential information for the professional editor. They are fantastic value, based on successful experience and presented in an accessible, lively style.

Professional Editing    AVAILABLE NOW
On your marks  An introduction to editing
Cheque it out  Proofreading
An eye for detail  Copyediting
Putting it together  Structural editing of non-fiction
The big picture  Structural editing of fiction
Plain and simple  Clear English for editors
What's it worth?  Costing and quoting
Page to screen  Editing for the web
Tricks of the trade  Freelance editing
Wired words  Onscreen editing (for PC or Mac)

Editing for Writers    IN PRODUCTION
Showing, not telling  Literary editing — Available Now
They didn't teach me at school  Grammar and punctuation
Good writing is rewriting  Effective writing and editing at work
How to assess manuscripts and influence people  Manuscript appraisal
I'm glad you asked me that  Editing interviews
It's academic  Editing for students and scholars
The writer over your shoulder  Edit your fiction
The reader over your shoulder  Edit your non-fiction
Sorting it out  Genre
True stories  Creative non-fiction

Advanced Editing    IN PRODUCTION
The truth is out there  Edit for your audience
Where do I fit in?  The production process
Translating English  Edit for international audiences
Search and find  Indexing for editors
Words and images  Graphics and text
A sense of style  Typographical style
The fiddly bits  Tables, graphs and referencing
Ahead of the pack  Advanced onscreen editing
A life's work  Editing biography and autobiography
Putting it on the line  Internet publishing

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